Easy Fasting

Your Best Intermittent Fasting App

Did you have trouble losing weight?
Tired of counting calories and diet plans?
Have you heard of fasting for the first time?
Why should we do intermittent fasting?
Well, join and install Easy Fasting now to find intersting facts you
did't know about fasting.

Easy Fasting core functions

One key to unlock a new way of healthy weight loss

Customized fasting plan

Based on your height, weight and lifestyle information, develop a fasting plan that is most suitable for you

Fasting knowledge sharing

Take you to learn more about fasting and get more results with less

Weight loss progress tracking

Record your fasting data, scientifically analyze, and track your weight loss progress throughout the process

Professional Instructor Yoga Course

European and American yoga coaches accurately demonstrate fasting + exercise, which will double your weight loss effect!

Other functions

Including the changes in the body state during fasting, the body information is clear at a glance!

Multiple fasting plans

Covers the most popular fasting plans at the moment,
such as 16-8 fasting and 5-2 fasting

The plan is classified and refreshing. You can choose the fasting plan that suits you best according to your needs and time, such as weekly plan and daily plan. We will send you reminders during the fasting process to make it easy for you to fast!


Easy Fasting

No diet, easy weight loss

Intermittent fasting is a way of eating that cycles between fasting and fasting. It does not limit what foods you should eat, but tells you when you should eat them. Scientific research shows that light fasting can bring many benefits to health. Now, start your healthy lifestyle journey!